Jules and Monty

A Web-Retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
A TUTV Production   

Episode One

Hey I'm Romeo Montgomery—but call me Monty—and this is my first attempt at this class project... blog... thing; I'll figure out a name later. Hope you enjoy it (no please, I think my grade improves if you do)! 

Episode Two

Hello! This is Jules Caine and Nancy Mills and we are proud to present the very first episode of our video blog... thank you Com 1 for forcing this upon us. If you have any questions about UV or what the heck this project is, feel free to comment below. Oh, and please take it easy on us: we're still trying to figure out how to do this!

Episode Three

Monty here! So Mark somehow convinced me to go to this party—of course, whether Ben and he will actually make it to the party before passing out is still up for question.

Episode Four

Note from Jules: First Kappa party of the year and I managed to get the camera into Fall Ball!! Enjoy the madness... I did! 

Episode Five

I, Mark Matthews, have hijacked he vlog!!! There are things Monty would never tell the camera himself, but if he wants to do well on this assignment THEY MUST BE SEEN. Mark saves the day. Big surprise. 

Episode Six

So that boy from the party—uh, Monty—showed up in my room last night... I'm not complaining but we'll have to see where things go from here! 

Episode Seven

I figured that because this vlog project is supposed to be about life in college it might be time for you to meet someone very important to daily college happenings: My adviser, Professor Lawrence. 

Episode Eight

Jules has sent me on a wild goose-chase: why she can't take care of her own love life, I will never know. This just proves what an amazing friend Nancy Mills is, right?? God, I need a backrub. 

Episode Nine

Hey, it's Nancy because someone has been too distracted with a certain boy to do much of anything recently, never mind her homework. I'd kill her if it weren't all too cute, so instead of death... montage time! (Take that, Jules). 

Episode Ten

List of things I don't want to do right now: attend a party hosted by Jules's insane brother. List of things I'm doing anyway: attending such a party. Sometimes I really hate this school. 

Episode Eleven

I don't think any of us expected the party to go this wrong... thankfully Cliff managed to get Nancy back to our room—hopefully Monty is okay. And Tye, of course. 

Episode Twelve 

I told you my advisor was kick-ass; only place I could think to go after everything that's happened. 

Episode Thirteen 

Jules and Monty left the camera on this morning. Usually this isn't something I would post on the Internet, but after all of the pain that's surrounded us recently, I thought we could all use a bit of brightness. 

Episode Fourteen

Some things can't go unseen. I'm sure Jules will forgive me when she realizes this. I hope she does. 

Trigger Warning:

This episode contains a brief depiction of violence as derived from Act 3, Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet.

Episode Fifteen

Jules here. Sorry it's been such a long time; sometimes life makes it hard to get your homework done (sorry professor!). A lot has happened since that party, but luckily I have some pretty amazing people in my life who are helping me figure things out. 

Episode Sixteen

Right when things began to get a little bit better, everything fell apart. Isn't that always the way. Jules needs to get away from UV—if only she'd listen to me.

Episode Seventeen

Damn modern technology. You think you check all the boxes and rid all sources of communication and then Monty goes and ruins everything.  

Episode Eighteen

Well this is it. All the boxes are packed and I am leaving UV for good. Just a few loose ends to wrap up... It's been fun Internet! Lots of Love — Jules  

Credits and Bloopers