Jules and Monty

A Web-Retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
A TUTV Production   

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Conversations with the people who helped make Jules and Monty!

Episode One

In which Imogen and Ed sit down and talk about their feelings (and also that other video... project... thing...). 

Episode Two

In which we talk to Emma, the woman of a billion jobs (and she's good at all of them... somehow...)!

Episode Three

In which we talk to Andy, our cinematic director and general handsome man about town... set... whatever!

Episode Four

In which we talk to Evey, our artistic director and very probably the most fabulous person on earth. 

Episode Five, aka Happy 450th Birthday, Bill!!

In which HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, YOU'RE 450 YEARS YOUNG happens! Evey, Imogen and Ed decide to laud and sing his praises by sharing some of their favorite Shakespearian moments/characters/lines.

Episode Six 

In which we talk to Kellyn, our wardrobe mistress and real life royalty, and probably the member of our crew you know the least well, so come meet her!

Episode Seven, aka Fan Submissions 1

In which we act out some of the scenes you guys wrote and sent to us! Thank you all so much for your submissions, more of these to come!

Submissions from: justthingsfornow and Anna & Maya

Episode Eight

In which we talk to Ben, our director of photography and all around everyman! Get to know him better!

Questions and Answers

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Hi! I was just wondering how the whole process of creating a web series works, or how you guys did it. Like, how/where did you get the equipment? And are the members of the cast all of your friends, or did you hold auditions? How often did you shoot the scenes? And how long did the process take? Sorry if it's a lot of questions, I guess I just really want to know :) Anyways, the series is wonderful!

Hello! So glad to hear you like the series :) Ed and Imogen began writing the script in March of 2013 and brought the full script to TUTV--Tufts University Television--that fall who decided to partner with Ed and Imogen to create Jules and Monty. TUTV provided the crew and the equipment, Ed and Imogen provided the script and the actors (mostly their friends… they spend a lot of time in the theatre), and what you see on YouTube is the result of that partnership. We generally filmed on fridays or weekends (we had to work around class schedules) for hours at a time; it turns out that eighteen episodes require A LOT of work. Filming began in late October and went all the way till mid February and generally speaking we were filming every single weekend (well, except for school holidays) starting early in the morning. It was a lot of work but completely worth it as we are very proud of how the series has turned out. Check out some of the vlog vlogs if you'd like to see more from behind the scenes. Thanks so much for asking!! Keep watching :) 


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