Jules and Monty

A Web-Retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
A TUTV Production   

Evey Reidy

Artistic Director

Evey is thinking you probably thought you'd gotten rid of her but you're wrong. When not being a super sassy nurse, Evey also enjoys the honor of serving as Jules & Monty's Artistic Director, a duty which includes watching a lot of monologues, making sure everyone is hydrated, and feeling a lot of feelings. Huge thanks to Imogen and Ed for entrusting her with their baby - it's in "good" hands?

Andy De Leon

Cinematic Director

Originally from the Bay Area, California, Andy now studies at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. He began as an actor looking for work in short films and eventually became the executive Head of Scripts for the Tufts University's Television (T.U.T.V.) organization. Some of Andy's credits include web series My Gay Roommate(2012) and short films The Bottle (2012), Circuit (2013), andTori + Jax (2013). Andy has helped produce music videos, short films, and web series such as Jules and Monty (2013) in the Boston area.

Emma Wold 

Assistant Artistic Director & Production Manager 

Emma is a freshman from Chicago studying Drama and Economics at Tufts University. Her academic, extracurricular, and projected professional pursuits center around directing and producing in the theatre and, thanks to this production, film. She is honored to have been brought on board for such an exciting project and hopes you all like what you see!

Claire Brodie

Assistant Cinematic Director & Continuity Guru

Claire is a sophomore at Tufts University from the snowy tundra of Rochester, NY. While studying history and foreign languages, she is a member of the Tufts sailing team and spends the rest of her time at TUTV, filming with this crazy, energetic, and  beautiful bunch of people. This is Claire's first project with TUTV but certainly not her last!

Ben Taylor

Director of Photography, Editor & Camera Operator (aka Wizard)

Ben Taylor loves cinema. Unendingly, deeply, and unconditionally. Naturally, he loves Top Gun. And narrative masterpieces in every form. He has absolutely no idea how to tell a story in images, but is desperately trying to figure out how to do so, every single day. As a result, cinematography and editing consume most of his hours, both waking and asleep. While awake, he serves as the director of photography and editor of Jules and Monty, as well as teaching video effects classes to film students, managing the studio at Tufts University TV, and filling the remaining hours with screenwriting, still photography, and reading. While asleep, he dreams of stories yet to tell and stories already told. He dreams of celluloid, of Shakespeare, and of connection through the art of narrative. And while he might appear to be a Pete Mitchell, he dreams of becoming a Maverick.

Zhuangchen JJ Zhou

Head Gaffer, ADoP & 1st Assistant Camera Operator

JJ a sophomore at Tufts University whose major is currently undecided. He grew up in China and came overseas for University where JJ has made a lot of friends with filmmakers on campus. He is especially excited to work with his wilderness sister, Imogen on this project. JJ is also a varsity rower and is pursuing his dream of become a photojournalist, so when he is not helping out with Jules & Monty, he is either out on the street taking pictures or at home editing stories. JJ is the gaffer and sometimes key grip of Jules and Monty. 

Imogen Browder & Edward Rosini

Writers & Executive Producers 

Imogen and Ed have been friends since the beginning of their freshman year at Tufts University and became writing partners shortly after that (they even collaborated on this bio...). Jules & Monty was conceived in a fit of "we need something creative to do" and, thanks to some pretty fantastic source material (Yay Shakespeare!) and many breakfast brainstorming meetings, it has blossomed into what it is today. While writing, they only ever dreamed that Jules & Monty would become a reality, so you can imagine their joy and excitement over what has been an extraordinary experience thanks to their incredibly talented friends who chose to invest so much love into their little brainchild. Keep an eye out for more projects coming your way soon (no spoilers, but something's already in the works). 

Julia Rich (Rich Multimedia Group)

Music Consultant

Julia Rich, a student in the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, saw a lack of partnership between art forms and an opportunity to collaborate. As a manager, she sought help in the fields of film and visual arts to help market and brand her new bands. She started connecting different students who showed a passion and excellence in their chosen fields, which spanned from film, visual arts, social networking, animation, even to fashion. Rich Multimedia Group has turned into a breeding ground for new talent, allowing collaboration between new businesses and a way for each individual entrepreneur to build their resume and name.

If you are interested in partnering with Rich Multimedia Group, please contact Julia Rich at [email protected]

Nicholas Pfosi


Nick is a sophomore at Tufts University majoring in Clinical Psychology and Child Development. He started Nicholas Pfosi Photography at the end of his senior year of high school and specializes in event, portrait, and performance photography. Nicholas comes from Portsmouth, NH, only an hour outside of Boston, and when he's not in class or sailing he spends most of his time on photo assignment for the Tufts Daily, in the darkroom or covering an event. 

Nicholas Pfosi Photography can be found on Facebook or contacted via email at [email protected] or by phone at 603-686-3733.

Quick Note:  Although for clarity's sake, all of our crew members have titles, it was an incredibly hands-on process and all members of our crew at one point or another covered  a number of different positions.  In short: our crew seriously rocks!!