Jules and Monty

A Web-Retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
A TUTV Production   

Character vs. Actor

Juliet Caine (Juliet Capulet): Freshman from Seattle majoring in Physics and Communications. Very smart though slightly naive at times, as the younger sister of the Lord of Kappa, the infamous Cliff Caine, Jules is under the impression that her freshman year at UV will be a breeze (just so long as she can survive her communications class) and is thrilled to have her best friend, Nancy, along for the ride. As of now she has absolutely no intention of dating anyone right away but unfortunately Cliff leave her alone about that Pierre boy...

Imogen Browder (Jules): Imogen is a sophomore at Tufts University majoring in English and minoring in Communications who hails from a variety of different places, though most recently California. Despite her academic pursuits, she spends the majority of her "free" time in the theatre performing with Tufts' 3Ps or entertaining children with Tufts Traveling Treasure Trunk. Imogen is one of the co-writers of Jules and Monty and is incredibly excited to see what this little dream has become. 

Romeo Montgomery (Romeo Montague): But please call him Monty! Monty is a sophomore at UV majoring in Theological studies and Poetry (so he's preparing accordingly for a life as a bus boy and/or cater waiter). He pledged MTG fraternity his freshman year after his roommate, Mark, wouldn’t shut up about it and has regretted it ever since... frats aren’t really his thing. Monty is currently dating Rose Campbell but that relationship has been looking less than shiny recently.

Nancy Mills (Nurse): Jules’s beautiful and sassy best friend and roommate, Nancy is unafraid to tell it like it is to everyone and anyone who will listen and will go to any means to protect her best friend. Nancy is studying to become a nurse practitioner and holds a flame for Tye Johnson, Kappa brother, despite his philandering ways and scandalous reputation. 

Mark Matthews (Mercutio): Best friend and roommate of Monty, Mark is a bit of a player (in every sense of the word). Mark will never shy away from an adventure, whether it’s pledging a fraternity, convincing his best friend to pledge a fraternity, or accepting any drinking challenge; if Monty and Mark end up in trouble you can bet it was probably Mark’s idea that landed them there.

Cliff Caine, aka The Lord of Kappa (Lord Capulet): Older brother of Juliet Caine, Cliff is the current president of KAP and rules his house with an iron fist, just the way his father would've liked. Cliff lacks no amount of self-confidence and is generally perceived as a debonair lady killer with a habit for partying, though anyone who knows him well will acknowledge his tendency towards violence.

Tye Johnson (Tybalt): Best friend/Cousin of Cliff Caine and second in command of KAP, Tye is the campus sex icon despite a budding relationship with a certain Nancy and his overly protective (and sometimes borderline incestuous) relationship with his little cousin, Jules. 

Rose Campbell (Rosaline): Sophomore, sorority sister, Monty’s girlfriend of nine months, two weeks, and six days... Rose means well but comes off as a little too needy and overly affectionate at times; alright, sometimes just downright annoying. 

Pierre Latour (Paris): Youngest brother of KAP (and therefore a bit of a “pet project” for the older brothers) and an exchange student from Paris, Pierre is Cliff’s ideal man to date his sister since he seems so harmless and is constantly being encouraged to "woo" Jules. A nice guy really, if only he wasn’t so pretentious... 

Ben Thomas (Benvolio): Senior MTG brother, Mark and Monty’s “Big”, and the voice of reason (well... sometimes...) of the trio who will either attempt to talk some sense into his younger brothers or is responsible for getting them roaringly drunk and then wandering off with some woman. Ben is pretty much the perfect wingman. 

Professor Lawrence (Friar Lawrence): Professor of poetry at UV and Monty’s advisor/on-campus father figure. Professor Lawrence loves his students dearly and cannot help but get a little too over involved in his students lives on occasion. 

Edward Rosini (Monty): Ed is a Jersey boy, a sophomore at Tufts University, and on track to be a Drama and History major. He doesn’t have much free time between classes, rehearsing for shows and filming, but when he does have a moment or two, he likes to write, play an instrument or sing some silly songs. As one half of the writing team of this project, Ed could not be more thrilled to be working with such impossibly talented, dedicated and simply great looking people as we bring this project to life.

Evey Reidy (Nancy): Evey is a Sophomore at Tufts University double-majoring in English and Drama originally from the suburbs of Chicago. When not being a super sassy nurse, she enjoys doing theatre and not having time to do anything else except sleep (sometimes) and eat (most of the time). She wants to make theatre and films with her friends forever, so that's a plausible post-grad plan, right? Big thanks to the cast and crew of Jules & Monty for making this an amazing experience.

Marcus Hunter (Mark): Marcus is a junior at Tufts University, and according to Imogen and Ed majors in drinking and giving people relationship advice (but really he's a Drama major). He spends any extra time he has performing with his award-winning improv troupe, Cheap Sox.

Cole von Glahn (Cliff): Cole von Glahn is afraid of being consumed by his character.  In fact the character within is thinking of changing Cole's name to Cliff, rushing this semester, and putting up pictures of himself with his phone number and the words "Senior Stunner" in whatever font clothing companies use to write $wag.  This battle is real and terrifying, exorcism is not out of the question.  Please send help in the form of heartfelt messages to remind him of the importance of genuine bonds with other people.

Andy De Leon (Tye): When Andy is not behind the camera, working with Evey to call the shots he plays the volatile Tye, the counter to Evey's Nancy… we're noticing a trend. Check out the Crew page to see Andy's real bio.

Becca Cooley (Rose): Becca a sophomore studying International Relations with a concentration in Latin America. You may have seen her at Tufts in A Man of No Importance, tempOdyssey, Rent or performing with Tuft's freshest co-ed a cappella group, sQ! This is her first experience with film acting and she's loving it. She would like to thank Imogen and Ed for giving her this wonderful opportunity and everyone who has put so much work into making this project such a delight to work on.

Artoun Festekjian (Pierre): Artoun is really excited to be playing Pierre in Jules and Monty. While he isn't French, he's been working on his accent ever since the part of Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast was robbed from him. If you want to find Artoun, he can be seen either in the theater, working at a coffee shop, or miming in the streets. 

Paul Perrone (Ben): Paul is currently studying abroad in Italy, but before he left us, he was gracious enough to lend his talents to Jules and Monty (Imogen and Ed are writing, btw). A Shakespearean veteran, Paul was a shoe-in for Ben after showcasing his considerable abilities as Lucio in the Tufts Drama Department production of Measure for Measure. When he's not studying or attempting to control Mark and Monty, Paul is a member of S-Factor, Tufts only all-male accapella specializing in music of the African Diaspora. 

Noe Montez (Prof. Lawrence): Noe is an Assistant Professor of Drama and Dance at Tufts and recently directed Welcome to Arroyo's at Tufts. Last spring he directed Krapp’s Last Tape starring Professor Laurence Senelick. He has directed and dramaturged at several theatres throughout the country including Cleveland Play House, Syracuse Stage, Cleveland Public Theatre, Phoenix Theatre, Bloomington Playwright's Project, Sleeping Weazel, Theatre Ninjas, Cleveland State University, Indiana University and Grinnell College. He is also the author of several articles and essays on applied theatre, and theatre history.